As a young man, back in his farming days, he used the "Allie's", as he calls them, to farm with. He can tell you more than one story about the "Allies" way back when.  Harlan also drove a school bus for 25 years earlier in life. I'm sure he can tell you some good stories about those experiences also. 

Since this is our first profile of the featured member, it is only fitting that  should feature the Founding Father of the Indiana A-C Partners antique tractor and collectors club. That person is Harlan Thompson. Harlan is one of our senior members. He was the one that inspired a hand full of people to come together to form an Allis Chalmers antique tractor and collectors club, in the spring of 2001. At first, Harlan wondered if the Indiana A-C Partners club would survive, let alone grow. Ask him now what he thinks about the growth of the Indiana A-C Partners.

Member Highlights

IACP Founding Father - Harlan Thompson

Harlan's first hobby on the farm, was raising Percheron Draft Horses. He was involved with raising, selling and exhibiting the big Percherons. His favorites were the dapple grays. Even though Harlan no longer has any Percherons, but still loves to talk about them. Harlan no longer farms or raises Percherons, but he loves to share his knowledge of "Allies" and Percheron horses, yet today.

Harlan passed away February 26, 2018.