Indiana A-C Partners History

Indiana A-C Partners was born in the 2001.Our mission statement is “People working together for the preservation and enjoyment of Allis Chalmers tractors and equipment of all ages”. Our members range from 1 year old to 90 years old. Each and every one of our members has some kind of connection to the A.C. orange tractors in one way or another, such as the one year old who was born to an active Allis Chalmers family, and will grow to appreciate the A-C tractors. On the other end of the scope, we have 80 and 90 year old members that farmed with Allis equipment all their lives, or possibly worked for one of the many Allis Chalmers manufacturing plants, and in some cases both. Everyone else is in-between with many different reasons why they are involved with the AC Orange.

Our membership covers 11 states at this time – Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Florida and West Virginia.

 The IACP have 2 official membership meetings during the year. The first one is held at Tipton, IN, where we have a pitch in dinner, a membership meeting, election of officers and directors, plus lots of good visitation with Allis Chalmers friends. The second meeting is held in the fall at different locations in the state of Indiana with a pitch in dinner, a membership meeting, and good fellowship with our A-C Friends.